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tlug: 4/18 JP

Celebrating 3 years of development, Mozilla users in Japan
are invited to attend the

   "Mozilla 3.0 Japan Party/Conference"

Date: April 8 (Saturday)
Time: 13:00-18:00
Place: Oracle Japan Head Office 12F, Seminar room
       (inside the New Otani Garden Court)

Conference Program:

13:00-14:00 Mozilla volunteer activities in Japan:
		JLP, Mozilla Translation Project, Bugzilla-J, etc
		(possibly with some demos)
14:10-15:10 User reports: japanization hacks 
 		Case studies (IME, XIM, layout, etc), discussion, Q&A
		(possibly with some demos)

15:20-16:20 Panel discussion
		Mozilla history
		Netscape and Mozilla
		ODP (Open Directory Project)
		Mozilla volunteers: what they are doing, what they
		not, what they should be doing, future developments

16:20-18:00 Party (beer and pizza)

Everybody is welcome to participate. Seats limited to 120 persons
(registration required). Participation fee: 1,000 yen (for the
beer and pizza).


* TLUG members attending the event will have a nijikai afterwards
  (possibly a nomikai at Tengu, with the special participation of
   Chris Sekiya -- Tengu New Akasaka, Minato-ku Akasaka 2-14-34
   Akasaka Baros Bldg. B1 tel 03-3583-8828) 

Next Nomikai Meeting: April 20 (Thu) Linux Conference 2000 Spring Ed.
Next Technical Meeting: May 13 (Sat) 13:30 Temple University Japan
* Topic: TBD
more info:        Sponsor: Global Online Japan

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