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RE: tlug: Connecting to internet

Hello, minna-san...
I'm a new member of this ML My name is Andy Prihatmoko from Jakarta, Indonesia.
>From: Jonathan Q []
>Hi, I am a new user in linux, and I would like to know how can
>I make a =
>conection to internet. I still couldn't configure my modem,
>and knowing =
>that I will need pppd (but don't knowing what is that), I
BTW, have you read the HOWTO.....
>search it, but =
>I didn't find it in /usr/sbin,  where I can download it?.
You can d/l it at Linuxberg <> Slashdot <>, Freshmeat <>, 32bitsoneline>, etc.
anyway, why not install from your Linux cd.
>From: Susumu Takuwa []
>I don't know where pppd is, but if you use current Linux distributions,
>it contains something GUI configuration tool. For example,
>+ netcfg
>+ kppp
and-the........ wvdial (text and GUI mode) from SuSE Linux =P
Andy Prihatmoko

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