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Re: tlug: keyboard layout

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Hector Akamine wrote:

>  I recently changed the keyboard of my PC (I had a standard US keyboard, but
>  now I'm using a 104-key japanese kb). The location of some special
>  characters (like ; " : @) is different. How can I set linux to work with my
>  new keyboard? I think I can modify XF86Config file, but I don't know which
>  parameters change. If I just change XF86Config, the changes are valid if I
>  work in character mode?

If you have a 106-key Japanese keyboard (I think that is the most
common one), in XF86Config, Section "Keyboard", you need to set
XkbModel        "jp106"
XkbLayout       "jp"

In the console mode, use loadkeys to load a proper keboard map. I
have put 'loadkeys /usr/lib/kbd/keytables/' in one of the
startup files (rc.local).


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