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tlug: Linux/Perl/LotusNotes

Hi All,

I am developing a web-based work-management system 
for my employer using Perl. It was originally hosted 
on a FreeBSD machine, but the admin would not give me 
login access from my own PC, so I was running across 
the office all the time to make changes, etc.

That got tiring, so I set up a freeware web server 
(OHTTPd) on my Win95 machine and have been using that. 
Unstable, needless to say. In the meantime, 
I have added functionality to the system whereby 
it accesses the NotesDb we use in order to grab 
information. I have been using Win32::OLE to do this.

my $Notes = Win32::OLE->new('Notes.NotesSession')
  or die "Cannot start Lotus Notes Session object.\n";


I now have permission from the network admin to get 
a server for this project and stick it at my own desk.
I can choose from Linux or WinNT. I would love to
be able to use a Linux machine at work for a change,
but I need to be able to access the NotesDb from my
Perl script in order to do that, or else I'll have to
use the existing system on NT. Blech.

Does anyone here have any information on how to make
these db calls to the Notes Server from a Linux
server? Obviously I would not be able to use 
Win32::OLE ... What is the Linux way to do this?

Any advice appreciated.


Shawn Gray
English/Japanese Translator
& Linux/Perl Gearhead

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The Mecca Online MultiCultural Forum
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