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tlug: Fwd: open source article


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> Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 12:21:38 EST
> Subject: open source article
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> Hi,
> I write an Internet Business Law column for's Boardwatch 
> magazine <>. I'm writing a series of articles on open 
> source and I'd like to get community feedback for my next article dealing 
> with the question below. Can you post this or email your group members? If 
> they want to respond or comment they can do so by emailing me at 
> <>. I'll review responses until March 31, 2000, the 
> for the article. I expect the article will appear in the June magazine and 
> online in July.
> I'd like to hear dissenting views as much as those that agree.
> Best regards, 
> Tony
> >>>>
> I believe that Open Source is a very important freedom movement, because, 
> like Harvard's Professor Lessig says, code is law, but with a non-human 
> police force. With closed code, we'll all be prisoners in the very near 
> future. So I believe that code MUST be open.
> But can anyone tell me why software can't be both open and sold like 
> Why is it that software has to be basically given away if it's open? I'm not 
> sure that anyone in Open Source has ever answered  this question. It just 
> seems to be assumed without any critical analysis. Why can't Open Source 
> developers get a royalty percentage of the sale price just like writers, 
> recording artists or movie actors, and the product sold just like Windows is 
> through traditional channels, so that the developers get paid for their work?
> >>>>
> >>>>

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