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Journaling Filesystems (Re: tlug: Ext3)

Oliver M . Bolzer writes:
 > On Mon, Mar 06, 2000 at 11:23:35PM +0900
 > Austin Kurahone wrote...
 > > I've been meaning to post this for a while (Ok, at least since the last
 > > nomikai), butI've been too busy.a  Since a bunch of people seemed
 > > interested in tryng out ext3, here's my quick and dirty guide
 > > (<PLUG>The april issue of Linux Japan also has a article on this by
 > > yours truely</PLUG>)
 > I have done some testing on the subject ext3 VS Reiserfs
 > (<AOL TYPE="metoo">Detailed benchmarks and results in Linux Japan May</AOL>)
 > Ext3 is really not yet where we would like it. The drawback is that all
 > write operations double in time, since all data has to be written
 > twich due to full-journaling.
 > If you need journaling, use ReiserFS, is is not only more stable, but
 > is also as fast or sometimes even faster then ext2. The problem is that
 > you can't boot from it, so you'll need a separate /boot partition.
 > The only place you want to use ext3 is, for a pretty limited / which
 > is not offen written to or a fairly static data partition (like MP3s)
 > for which you don't have the extra space to switch from ext2 to ReiserFS.
 > The only advantage ext3 offers is not to need to reformat.
 > If anybody need's an ext3 patch for 2.2.14, mine can be found at
 > I really hope it's seemingly stopped
 > development gets moving again real soon.
In a German TV show a SuSE representative said that in the next
distribution they will support reiserfs. It was not completely clear,
but I had the impression that you will be able to boot from it too.
The distribution is supposed to come out in a month or so. Earlier
this year they also stated that they plan to move into the Japanese
market with their own distribution.
I have used the journaling reiserfs for a while now and I didn't have
any problems. I didn't do any benchmarking, but performance was ok and 
after crashes it is nice to have a journaling fs. Not that linux is
crashing a lot, but if you do some driver developement you get a crash 
once in a while :).


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