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Re: tlug: DNS how-to in Japanese?

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, Darren Cook wrote:

> >If the change they are planning is to move a web site to a machine with
> >another IP address, I suggest running the sites in parallel until
> >all of the previous cached DNS records have expired.
> That means two sets of log files and cgi program data for the transition
> period. But actually joining log files might be easier...

Not doing it means some people may (probably will) resolve to a site
that no longer exists.  Which is worse is a judgement call for the
operators of the site.  One workaround would be to modify the old site
so that the CGI calls go to the new site, referenced by IP address.
That way, only the log files will need to be merged (or just produce two
different sets of reports for that time period and manually add the
totals, the easiest solution).


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