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tlug: booting above 1024 cyl.


sorry I lost the original thread, but here is the link for a new
version of lilo, which allows booting from partitions above 1024 cyl..

Here is the original announcement:
>Source code for revision 3 of Werner Almesberger's LILO version 21 is
>available from:
>This revision adds a global option, 'lba32', to enable bootind disks
>beyond the 1024 cylinder limit.  The command line switch '-L'
>accomplishes the same result.  To be effective, the BIOS must support
>the EDD packet call interface (post 1998).
>The package, available as 'lilo-21-3.tar.gz' includes source code, man
>pages, and updates to all pertinent documentation.  This code has been
>in beta release since 11/99 under the name "LILO version 22".  Werner
>asked me to change the designation to indicate that it is derived from
>his version 21, as his version 22 will be a major update.


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