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Tsukuba branch? [was: tlug: hi there]

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>>>>> "ITSUMI" == ITSUMI ken-ichi <> writes:

    ITSUMI> Hi In message "Re: tlug: hi there" on 00/02/26, Alberto
    ITSUMI> Tomita <> writes:
    >>> I live in Ibaraki.  close to Tsukuba.

    ITSUMI> Me too.

    >> Hmm, you guys could start a Tsukuba branch of TLUG.

Maybe we should just change the name of the umbrella organization to
TLA, for T LUG Association ;-)  Then we could include Tottori LUG too.

    ITSUMI> Please Let me known conntact point of Tlug Tukuba branch

Well, I'm here at the University, as is Manu Chakravarti (although
he's been busy recently, I think he's overseas at the moment).  Steve
Baur is at ETL (Densoken).  This month is rather busy for me, but if
we start planning now it might be possible to have an organizational
nomikai in April.

Toriaezu, I'll volunteer as the Tsukuba branch secretary; I'll sound
out some of the the currently less active local TLUG'ers and see if I
can scare up some more Linux users at the University and surrounding
institutes.  I'll summarize in a couple of weeks, and we can decide
whether to try to do something together.

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