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Re: tlug: Linux Agents/Robots ??

Subba Rao (lists.tlug):
>Are there any command line search agents/bots/crawlers for Linux? I want
>to search a few engines at the same time for some key topics.

OK, that doesn't need a bot or crawler, does it? Just something to
grab a URL from the command line; look into wget or lynx -dump

If you have Perl handy, perl -MCPAN -e 'install WWW::Search' then do
this: (completely untested)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use WWW::Search
my $query = "";
for (qw(AltaVista MetaCrawler NetFind Excite HotBot Crawler Metapedia Gopher
LookSmart Snap Monster NorthernLight MSIndexServer HotFiles Dejanews Yahoo GoTo
SFgate Deja HeadHunter Verity Livelink Dice AltaVista Lycos WebCrawler Google 
Search97 PLweb OpenDirectory FolioViews Magellan Infoseek Fireball)) {
   my($search) = new WWW::Search($_);
   print $result->url, "\n" while ($result = $search->next_result()) 

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