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tlug: about TTL message on BIND8.2.2-debug mode

This is my first posting to TLUG.

I 'm trying to run dns in debug-mode with Bind8.2.2-P5(the latest version) on RedHat linux 5.2J
by command(#/usr/sbin/named -d 1 &).

In the logfile "", this message appears on when loading evey zone file, like this,
--Zone "" (file No default TTL set using SOA minimum instead

this is a part of  log that is about loopback zone. 
update_zone_info('', 1)
source =
reloading zone
db_load(,, 2, Nil, Normal)
Zone "" (file No default TTL set using SOA minimum instead
master zone "" (IN) loaded (serial 2000030201)
zone[2] type 1: '' z_time 0, z_refresh 0

I used zone files those are used on DNS with BIND8.1.2 without problem, no such messege on debug-mode.
So I think the configuration itself  is OK.

By command "nslookup", it seems no problem even if such message is dumped.

Does anyone have any solutions or ideas on this ?


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