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Re: tlug: alternative browser?

You(Yasuaki Kudo) wrote:
> I recently switched to Linux from NT.  (a lot of pain but well worth the
> effort)  As far as the user front-end is concerned, Netscape is far behind
> Internet Explorer.  I don't like Netscape.  Is there any good alternative
> for Linux??

Mozilla (alpha state):



XEmacs W3 (I can't remember the link offhand, but it should be already built
into your copy of XEmacs)

Opera (I've never looked into this)

Of these choices, Opera is supposed to be quite good, and Mozilla is
promising but is still a bit quirky (it is still alpha, after all).
SSL support is missing from most of them, however, so you may have to
continue using Netscape to get to secure sites.

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